Who We Are

GLF is the first literary festival in Gujarat. It started three years back as a literary event, that includes all forms and mediums used to express literary creativity. We believe literature is not bound between the covers of a published book, but blooms in a free environment in myriad forms, languages and mediums.Hence this festival celebrates not only the book writers, poets and playwrights with the same fanfare with which it honours film writers, lyricists, bloggers, social media writers and other genres that use literary creativity.

This is the event where the entire creative community comes together to celebrate, ideas, writing, reading, philosophy, story-tellers, novelists, poets, ghazalkars, folk artist, film writers, lyricists, bloggers, social media debaters and more. It is also a unique festival in as it has a diversity of languages and multiplicity of mediums – more than one can experience on a single venue in any other festival.

The first three editions held in Ahmedabad were a runaway success. Entry to the event and all sessions is completely FREE.
Free thought is the cornerstone of a sensitive society and vibrant democracy. With this overriding belief, Gujarat Literature Festival brings the best minds from across the world on a platform for free debates, discussions, dialoguesand informal interactions, on and off stage.

About Us

We are a bunch of literary enthusiasts without any literary pretentions or pedantic affectations. Our love for literary acitivities brought us together to use our diverse abilities to build a lasting literary event. We organise this festival because we love reading and appreciateliterature and we enjoy the journey of crafting this platform for young authors and readers to flourish.


Shyam Parekh


Shyam Parekh, is a senior journalist with an experience of over two decades of writing and editing in English print media. He is the Resident Editor of DNA, Ahmedabad, since its launch in Ahmedabad. This followed a decade-long stint in Times of India, specialising in environmental reporting and disaster chasing, in addition to extensive election coverages. A student of literature, he is passionate about discovering the world. He is deeply interested in understanding the space, science, technology, nature and environment. Engaging conversations on anything above the sky as well as under it, are his weakness. Shyam was nurturing a secret dream of building a literature festival in Gujarat for years, which materialised in 2013. He is the Director of the festival.


Jumana Shah


A career journalist, Jumana is the executive editor with Daily News and Analysis (DNA), Ahmedabad. She has also worked with Times of India and Gujarat Samachar and written for several international publications over the period of last decade. She has profusely written about environmental and wildlife concerns in the country, leading to some detrimental industrial projects to be called off. She has also been a political correspondent in the state of Gujarat since 2005. Her body of work includes prolific political analysis and a column in DNA. Fond of travelling and adventure sports, she is also a scuba diver, and a paper evangelist for saving marine environment. Jumana anchors non-Gujarati programming for GLF.


Samkit Shah

Entrepreneur and Literary enthusiast

Samkit is a first generation entrepreneur whose draws from his personal depths of eternal curiosity to bring a refreshing outlook to GLF. He is the CEO of Linguastic, a company that offers multiple language related services in over 40 languages. When urban life gets difficult, he goes on stage as a stand up comedian for some retribution. An ardent traveller and effervescent optimist, Samkit is the other Director of GLF.